A woman has shared her plans to marry her pet dog after the death of her previous husband, who was a cat, (per viralspell.com). Dominique Lesbirel, 41, from Holland, married her cat Doerack eight years ago but unfortunately the feline had to be euthanized after suffering from a kidney failure Dominique runs a business called “Marry Your Pets”, which marries other people to their pets. Some People are accusing Dominique of promoting bestiality (sex between a person and an animal. The first known use of bestiality was in the 14th century) but she denies the allegations and says:

“I would never condone such terrible acts of cruelty to animals. My site is all about making a commitment to pets to show your dedication to them and promise that you will always look after them. There are rules, as with any marriage. I’m happy to conduct same sex marriages, or to let people marry more than one pet. I only marry domestic animals, though. In some parts of the world, you hear of people keeping lions and tigers as pets — I wouldn’t marry people to them. I also need to be sure they truly love and respect their pet."

Dominique has a long-term boyfriend called Peter, but she says he is very supportive of her marriage plans. “Once you tie the knot, there is no going back — with Marry Your Pets divorce is not an option”. Dominique encourages her clients to view the ceremony as a typical wedding, with all the planning in advance, inviting friends and lavish parties to celebrate.