As crazy as it sounds dogs really do snub people.

If someone is mean or rude to you, your dog will snub them per a study at Kyoto University in Japan. More often than not they snubbed the individual who was rude to their owner.

A study was done where dogs watched three people. The owner, sitting in the middle, attempted to open a transparent container to get an object that was of no value to the dog. After unsuccessful attempts, the owner requested help by holding the container towards the “Helper”. In the "Helper" condition, this person supported the container with both hands and the owner succeeded to remove the lid and picked up the object inside. In the "Non-helper" condition, the individual refused to help by turning away and the owner failed to remove the lid. In the "Control" condition, the owner did not request help but briefly stopped working while the “Non-helper” spontaneously turned away for no explicit reason. The owner failed to remove the lid. In all conditions, a neutral person was sitting on the other side of the owner. After these interaction sequences, the “Helper” and the neutral person simultaneously offered identical treats on their palm to the dog. The results showed that the dogs' choice of the two people was random in the "Helper" and "Control" conditions. However, the dogs were significantly biased against the "Non-helper". The dogs reliably took food from the neutral person more often than the non-helpful person.

The researchers say this suggests that dogs have the ability to participate in a collaborate society. They evaluate people based on social and emotional behavior because if the dog was only thinking about itself, it would have taken a treat no matter what. So if someone is mean to you, your dog has your back, and singles, this includes your dates too.